Infosec In The City Singapore 2018

Presentation about Bitscout at IICSG2018 and Div0 meetup


Written by Nicolas Collery

1 minute read

Presentation: “Brain Surgery: Breaking Full Disk Encryption”

Speakers: Vitaly Kamluk, Nicolas Collery


Full Disk Encryption (FDE) may be rather useful as a defense mechanism against potential theft of a computer system. Usually such protections comes with some levels of hardening like removing administrative rights. However, when the system is compromised and requires careful forensic analysis, FDE and hardening can be quite painful to forensic analysts. This presentation delivered at IIC-SG-2018 (Infosec In the City - Singapore) and at Div0 (Division0 local security meetup) highlights few techniques to let a remote analyst perform investigations.

Infosec In The City
Div0 security meetup


Presentation slides

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