Bitscout Glossary


Written by Vitaly Kamluk

1 minute read

  1. Bitscout
    This is of course equal to the project name, but also a reference to a running instance of OS running from removable media built with the help of scripts included in the project.
  2. The owner
    The user and owner of the system which is running Bitscout.
  3. The expert
    A user remotely connected to a running Bitscout via VPN+SSH.
  4. Host system (also Host)
    A computer system which was started from Bitscout removable media.
  5. Guest system (also Guest, Guest container, Expert’s environment)
    A virtual system running on host via unprivileged container.
  6. Disk Mapping
    An operation to attach disk(block) device from the host system to the guest container. After this operation the disk can be accessed by the expert.
  7. Privileged Operation
    This is relevant to the guest container only. A system command or operation which is initiated on the guest container but is executed with elevated privileges on the host.
  8. Filesystem Mounting
    Attaching filesystem contents with underlying directories and files to a local directory.
  9. Filesystem Privileged Mounting
    Same as Filesystem Mounting but using privileged mount command (mount.priv).

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