Building Your Own Bitscout

Manual to build your own Bitscout image


Written by Vitaly Kamluk

1 minute read

Building Your Own Bitscout Image

Simple steps are required to build new Bitscout ISO. Below are the required commands to build new ISO:

  1. Install git $ sudo apt install git
  2. Fetch the project files from Github:
    $ git clone --recursive
  3. Start the builder
    $ cd bitscout
    $ ./
  4. Choose build size and answer other questions. Wait for the build process to complete.
  5. Find your freshly built ISO file in the same directory:
    $ ls -la

For more information please refer to other articles (i.e. Basic Usage).

Still Need Help?

Bitscout Bugs

If you find any bugs or problems with the project, please open an issue over on Github.


Feel free to tweet at me if you have suggestions for Bitscout. Or if you just want to say hi.